Jonathan Jacques-BelletĂȘte

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Anonymous said: Did you know someone regularly impersonates you on 4chan's Video Game board? Mostly everyone doesn't believe it, but they ask the guy questions anyway.

Haha! Really? I hope he’s as big a douche as I am! Can you send me a link please? I’d love to read this for entertainment purpose XD

whatwf said: what is your favorite places in Montreal ?

I don’t think it’d be appropriate to mention this here

Anonymous said: You look huge. What's your height?

I’m exactly 300 cubits tall. That’s precisely Noah’s Ark’s length. Coincidence? Nope.

Anonymous said: See you at E3, you brilliant motherfucker

Oops, must’ve missed this one ;P

Anonymous said: What the fuck are you doing now? Man, where your works?

If only you could see inside my head.

Anonymous said: Have you seen the new Mirror's Edge concept art? It's amazing, isn't it?

Yes, it totally is! :) Love those guys man!